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We are sad to announce that due to current health concerns, the 40th Class Reunion has been postponed until further notice.  It is our intent to schedule a reunion as soon as it is possible but with plenty of notice. We apologize for any inconvenience. Refunds will be processed by July 15, 2020.

Please copy and paste the following topics into an email so that we can get updated with what you are doing.  This information will not be published without your consent.  We are working on an electronic directory format for everyone to enjoy.


Send to:

Subject Line:  YOUR NAME

Name - First, Middle, Maiden (if applicable), Last

Nick Name


Phone Number

School - Lee/Sterling/Both

Where you have lived

Tell us what you have been up to - Where have you lived, career(s), spouse(s), children, grandchildren,

pets, bucket list, favorite memories

Random Facts - Favorite color, food, special talents, favorite song (old and new)


REL Contacts

Dena Koonce Seligman  512-657-6605      Angelia Vail Worzel   832-443-5689 

RSS Contact

Wes Walker 713-665-9526

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